Friday, 26 October 2012

Review of JJ Divers

We got such an awesome review from our local Cayman Goddess .com Blog Bellow
JJ Divers

JJ Divers
It sure sounds like a fantasy: move to sunny tropical island, start your own business, do what you absolutely love, every single day. That’s exactly what Jacob and Jacqueline Jamieson did when they moved to the Cayman Islands to open JJ Divers. This top rated water-sports company is the go-to place for family-friendly fun for visitors or locals. They specialize in Grand Cayman scuba diving trips, snorkeling trips, private dive tours, and Stingray City tours. They specialize in tours that are flexible, safe, and fun for everyone to enjoy, regardless of your level of experience.
  • MAX of only 6 divers-making the dive more intimate
  • All of Grand Cayman diving is guided by a personal Dive master/PADI Instructor
  • they always offer Free pick up/drop off service from your hotel, condo or cruise terminal
  • Free WiFi, leave in Hair Conditioner, Sun Screen, A/C chargers, Music and More
  • Seasonal  Cayman Islands diving discount packages
  • PADI Dive Training Open Water Advanced, Rescue, Divemaster
  • Ride along’s are encouraged -So bring your family to enjoy the experience together
  • they always set up your gear to ensure your maximum relaxation
  • Fresh baked home made treats and refreshments
  • Best Grand Cayman  diving  rental gear is always available
  • PADI Lion Fish Tracker Instructors. Eat what we catch on every Cayman Islands Diving trip.
  • Discover scuba diving instruction -No certification needed
  • Dive package rates available- More Fun , for less money!
  • Private charters
  • Photos and,videos are avalible on every scuba dive upon request

Jacob and Jacqueline are passionate about Cayman, and dedicated to bringing the best experience to every customer. Their friendly crew can accommodate you & your group, no matter what size your guest list is. Learn more on the JJ Diver website: Call  ‘em at (702) 301-0179! They are located at 268 West Bay Road.
Remember, it’s a great day to dive in Grand Cayman!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Diving with Kobe Bryant !

Kobe Bryant ! 17 time All star, NBA MVP, husband and father of 2 beautiful little girls not only can play basketball but also dominates scuba diving!

Kobe a long time adventure seeker loves being under the water and finds it peaceful and calming.  

"It's like zen ya know"

Being under the water is like checking out of reality and swimming in God's aquarium......

See what all the hype is about with JJ DIVERS

It's always a great day to dive cayman

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Diving in Cayman With a playful Shark

We kick off shark week with this awesome and playful nurse shark on north wall yesterday!
 The last few weeks have produced many sharks in the waters around cayman due to the warmer water. This 7 ft nurse shark was different then any other nurse I have ever come in contact with.
 I have seen my share of sharks while diving but this was a one of a kind experience. Sharks here in cayman are known to bolt and swim away from divers almost immediately and never really interact with us. This 7 footer not only didn't bolt, she hung out with us for 15 mins making figure 8's and coming so close we could have reached out and pet her. It was truly a great day to dive grand cayman !!  
To give you all some history of nurse sharks. They live in very warm water, and are what is called a shallow shark. They generally don’t go deeper than about 200 feet.
The nurse shark will reproduce by letting her eggs develop inside her body after being fertilized and hatch inside her.
Her litter has about 20 or 30 young sharks, called pups that are mirror images of the adult nurse shark in every way.
They are not mature enough to mate until about 15 or 16 years old.
Nurse sharks do not migrate as many others do. When the weather grows cooler they decrease their activity, but stay in the cooler waters.

Cayman Diving

 Another GREAT week of diving!!

We did have some rain from Tropical storm Ernesto but as we say the best place to be while its raining is under the water!!

Cayman Diving at its finest 

One of our beautiful coral heads.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Truly “Personalized Experience!”

Jacob and his wife, Jacqueline, are awesome and worked with me in advance to arrange for a great day while in port from a cruise ship. I would highly recommend JJ Divers over any other excursion that you could plan through a cruise ship. I had a dive with Jacob and one other couple and then even had one dive with Jacob alone. I didn't expect a private tour, but you sure can't beat that over a group excursion with many, many people diving all at once! He was very friendly, told me about the island, stopped in "hell" (since I hope to not ever see the real one) and as a very new diver just recently certified, helped me re-acclimate to the open water and get comfortable diving. He made it very easy. Jacqueline also was so responsive as plans were made in advance of arriving on Grand Cayman. What a great couple they are and are living out their dream together on a beautiful island. Very reasonable rates and very accommodating. Definitely check them out when you visit Grand Cayman!

Really Great Experience

I came to grand cayman for a family vacation, me and my sisters really wanted to scubadive so my dad set up a private lesson and dive with JJ Divers. It was so much fun, we actually ended up getting certified. The dives were amazing, and Jacob is a really really great instructor. He taught us everything we needed to know, i felt completely comfortable and safe the entire time. Me and my sisters absolutely loved it. Would recommend to anybody!